How to Choose a Good Moving Company

How to Choose a Good Moving Company

Before you choose a moving company, you need to do your research. It’s important to find the best movers for your specific needs. That means getting in touch with them to ask them questions. However, many people start wondering what type of questions they should ask potential movers. These are the four questions that you need to remember to ask.

How Much Experience Do They Have?

Good movers will have experience in handling moves similar to yours. The experience will mean they know how to handle the type of furniture you have, and get it in and out of properties without causing damage. If you have special furniture, like pianos, it is very important to find out that they have experience in that.

It’s also worth finding out if they have experience in certain types of properties. This is especially important if you live in an apartment building, with or without an elevator.

How Will They Carry Out the Move?

What will they do to make sure the move is complete? It’s very important to find out this, because it will affect your day and your timing. It’s essential that you find out if a move is going to take longer than a day, and if the moving company will have more than two or three members of staff.

This will not only affect your day, but the price that you have to pay. More work and more employers will automatically mean a higher cost for you.

How Are Items Stored Overnight?

If your move will take a period of more than 24 hours, your belongings will need to be stored. It is essential that you find out how this storage takes place. Some companies will store everything in the van, which is left unattended overnight. The best movers will have access to secure storage overnight. This is booked and planned in advance.

Are They Accredited?

There are various accreditation services for moving companies. It is worth finding out whether our potential movers are accredited to any of the services. If they’re not, why is that? Is there a reason the accreditation services have not accept them? That could be a red flag for the security and safety of your personal property

Do They Have Insurance?

Most companies will say yes to this now. However, you need to then find out how much insurance they have. Will it cover your belongings, or will you need to take out extra? While the companies will try to avoid accidents happening, it isn’t possible to prevent all of them. When you find out about the type of insurance, it’s worth finding out any limitations to that cover to make sure you won’t end up losing out financial should something happen.

Take your time to talk to all the moving companies on your shortlist. The only way that you can narrow it down to one is to ask them all the same questions and note their answers. In the end, you may need to go with who your gut says is the best of all the movers.

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